《milk x》是香港少數本地創辦的時裝雜誌,二零零六年九月創刊,希望在平面雜誌內創造出豐富的內容,和讀者分享天下有趣事。互聯網絡上的互動,早就成為了所有平面雜誌和多媒體的大方向,我們卻一直怠慢,固執於既有的傳統的紙品印刷,也找不到合適的方法去突破既定的想法。

既然沒法突破,我們就嘗試吧。二零一五年一月,《milk x》雜的網上新平台「x-plorer」正式上線,本著冒險、探索、求新和開創的心態去。《milk x》雜誌的大方向依舊不變,我們會將時裝、美藝、設計和各類文化的內容延伸到新的平台,我們就是「x-plorer」,和讀者一起尋找平面雜誌以外,更多實驗的可能性。


Milk X is one of the rare fashion magazines produced locally in Hong Kong. Our first issue was published in September 2006 with the objective of creating exceptional content in print format so as to share with our readers interesting information from around the world.In recent years, most print magazines have established online presence yet we have stuck steadfastly to traditional paper publishing. However the instant interactive element of digital media is undeniably attractive and not replicable in print. Internet publishing is simultaneously present and primal; it harks back to the early days of culture and language when information was passed via word of mouth.

So we have relented. From January 2015, Milk X will officially launch our online counterpart, x-plorer, with the intention of venturing, investigating, innovating and pioneering.The general direction of Milk X remains but we will be extending fashion, arts and culture content on to a new platform. We are x-plorer and we are going on a journey with you, our reader, to experiment with possibilities beyond print publishing.